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Strata Fees Explained


As a frequently asked question and very important topic, there is often a lack of clarity around “strata” or condo fees. When purchasing a Nelson Commons condo, you will see that most of what you […]

Homeowner Warranty Information


The security of a new home warranty is often the deciding factor when a home buyer is debating the merits of buying a new home. The Homeowner Protection Act (HPA)–administered by the Home Protection Office […]

Commerical Space Now Available


Yes, that’s correct. There’s now an opportunity for your business to join the Nelson Commons. We’ve included our ad below with all the details you’ll need. Floorplans will be featured  soon also–so be sure to […]

We’re on TV!


For those of you who have missed our new ad on television, here it is below in all its glory. We think it does a great job summing up all the benefits of Nelson Commons. […]

Nelson Commons energized.


Energy saved means fewer green house gasses and less dependence on fossil fuel. We are engaged in full energy modelling with our LEED-certified Mechanical Engineers (Rocky Point Engineering) who have a Nelson representative and resident—Mark […]

Ecological footprints.


In talking about Nelson Commons, the concepts of ‘density’ and ‘footprint’ often come up. We’d like share our thoughts on the subjects with you. The primary environmental contribution of any building project (particularly in this […]