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Our financial partners


Perhaps the most challenging aspect of a project like our Nelson Commons development is securing the necessary funding. Fortunately, the Kootenay Co-op has been saving for this next move for many years now and has […]

More Nelson Commons news.


With so many ways to communicate these days, we have created a bit of a good news backlog here on the Nelson Commons site. If you “like” us on Facebook or if you subscribe to […]

Cat’s out of the bag


We promised they were coming and now they’re here. The latest and greatest architectural renderings of Nelson Commons, which have  been submitted to the City of Nelson for development approval! They are the end result […]

Architects of change


We don’t want recipients of our newsletter to have all the fun. As we wait for the next batch of exterior renderings, here are some samples of other work from the project architects. As always, […]

Nelson Commons in The Tyee


In Nelson, Local Food Co-op Becomes Bigtime Developer High hopes for Kootenay Co-op’s $23-million plan to remake a prime city block. By Bill Metcalfe, 31 Jul 2013, On the verge of being their ‘own developers,’ […]

One thousand words.


If you were at the Kootenay Co-op Special Members Meeting (and birthday celebration)  last week, you may have seen some of these images. Though definitely still “works in progress,” these rendering give us a good […]