A sum greater than its parts.


One of the really exciting aspects of Nelson Commons is the emphasis we are able to put on good planning, long-term thinking and collaboration.  Because the Kootenay Co-op is a locally-owned, mission-driven business with deep roots in the community, we, as developers, have never thought twice about the need to build something that will both be good and do good…for everyone.

This means everything from determining the best possible use of the land, to creating residential spaces that marry efficiency with our need for beauty and space, to dovetailing the work we do with the municipality’s vision for Nelson’s future.

The Nelson Commons site has long been identified as one of the most underutilized and most important parcels of land in the downtown core.  A project that incorporates residential, commercial and green space represents the best possible use of the land, while following key environmental principles of reducing individual footprints and densification in the downtown core.

Dave Wahn, Manager Development Services & Sustainability for the City of Nelson, describes it this way: “The project as proposed meets many of the goals and objectives of the Official Community Plan as well as other planning documents of the City. It is always good to work with developers who are striving to include community objectives within their projects.”

Here’s a preliminary drawing developed as part of the Hall Street Corridor design process. Though it’s rough, it shows how Nelson Commons fits into the plan. Click on the image to get a better look.

We must also have a thorough understanding of the City of Nelson plans and priorities and ensure we communicate with them about our plans and progress.  We’ve made a point of contributing to the conversation about the Hall Street revitalization by participating in the City’s Hall Street working group, regularly attending City Council Meetings, and making presentations to Council to keep them up to date.

We are also excited to work with the City’s Affordable Housing Committee in bringing an innovative approach to accessible housing to fruition.  The Co-op and Vancity Credit Union are poised to earmark 3 to 4 of the units for a ‘restricted re-sale’ program that will provide opportunities to own a home at below-market value.

For Nelson Commons residents, all of this will mean finding a home that is even greater than the sum of its parts. We hear from home-buyers that they value the effort we are putting into basing the Nelson Commons development on solid community values. Knowing that the whole development contributes to the sustainability of the community is going to be one of the perks of living there!

As always, you are invited to visit the Display Suite to talk about this and all things Nelson Commons. We are open Wednesday to Sunday, 12  to 5. There are still many great units available for purchase.

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