Forging ahead.


The Nelson Commons team has had another busy few weeks! With the input sessions just wrapping up and designs underway, things are beginning to take shape. Thanks to the 30-or-so people who participated in our little sessions, we learned that we are on the right track. People seem to all agree on things like appliances, flooring and wall coverings. This is good news as we forge ahead in the design phase.

If you’ve noticed there’s something new at the top of this page, or in our ads in the papers, it’s our revised logo. We updated the logo to give it more “life” and added the plant icon to make a connection between the Nelson Commons and Kootenay Co-op logos. Finally, we added our “life in the heart” slogan at the bottom – because it sums up what’s so special about Nelson Commons. We hope you like it.

We also took part in the KCR block party a while ago and, though the weather didn’t cooperate toward the end, it was still a big success with music, food and fun. It was great to talk with folks about Nelson Commons and share our enthusiasm.

Next up, we’ll be sharing designs for the interiors and exteriors. Wow.

We couldn’t resist sharing a couple quick photos. Our booth at the KCR Block Party is on the left. People were very interested in seeing the concept drawings. On the right, another “view” photo looking west down Vernon Street. Thanks to the foliage,the view will change with the seasons. Click on the image to make it bigger.

IMG_1830                      DSC_4169

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