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With so many ways to communicate these days, we have created a bit of a good news backlog here on the Nelson Commons site. If you “like” us on Facebook or if you subscribe to our e-newsletter, you may have already heard about this. If this website is your main source of Nelson Commons  information, read on!

MEMBER LOAN SUCCESS. The Kootenay Co-op experienced a resounding success with its Member Loans campaign. The Kootenay Co-op reached—and then exceeded—its goal of raising $1.5 Million. The final tally was just shy of $1.8 million in member loans for the new store. This is good news for anyone planning to shop at the new and improved co-op store and really good news for Nelson Commons residents,  who’ll be a stone’s throw away. As Co-op GM Deirdrie Lang said: “To the best of our knowledge, this is the most money raised to date in a member-loans campaign for natural food co-operatives in North America!”

Nelson_commons (2)Nelson_commons

Allan & Marianne Hobden put a bird on the loan tree and young Henry Lundquist points to the third-of-the-way mark.

APPLICATION DELIVERED. Several weeks ago, the Nelson Commons team submitted its formal Building Permit Application to the City of Nelson for the mixed-use development. All that remains before construction can begin in earnest is to meet sales targets for the Nelson Commons residential units. With the support of Coldwell Banker realty and a robust regional marketing program to get the word out, the Nelson Commons team anticipates that building construction will begin in spring.


Nelson Commons project manager Russell Precious and local project architect Steven Kaup deliver the signed and sealed documents issued by our architects and engineers for our Building Permit Application.

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