Nelson Commons builders.


We would like to introduce you to our General Contractor and Builder for Nelson Commons, ITC Construction Group.  Vancouver-based ITC was founded in 1983 by Peter Rezansoff and Anthony McGill, both having acquired the key skills that would lay the foundation for becoming one of the most successful general contractors in Western Canada.  Peter was born right here in Nelson and, along with his son-in-law Harold Barisoff, there is a strong contingent of folks from the West Kootenays who play key roles in the company.  While completing a list of projects that has won them many awards and well-deserved respect within the construction industry, they have also been acknowledged as one of  “Canada’s 50 Best Managed Companies’  for 11 straight years.

One of their more than 120 competed projects, the award-winning Millennium Water development in the Vancouver Olympic Villages is one of Canada’s largest mixed-use residential and commercial developments. This experience will come in handy when building our own considerably smaller mixed-use environment.  Millennium Water is the highest scoring LEED platinum development in North America to date. See the two images below to get an idea of ITC’s  work on Millennium Water within Vancouver’s Olympic village. Click on the photos to make them bigger.

Not only does ITC bring the experience we required to gain acceptance from the financial community, but equally important to us, they are committed to working as fully as possible with our local trades people. To that end they have made several visits these past few months to learn what resources they can tap here in the Kootenays. Not surprisingly, they were already familiar with many of the key players. Also of note, we are pleased that the ITC team has already  worked in partnership with our lead architect Ray Letkeman and many of our key engineers and consultants.

We feel very fortunate that we can bring the experience and expertise to Nelson Commons that ITC has demonstrated many times over. We’re also happy with their local connections.

In other building news:

This was from a few weeks back and, though Nelson Commons newsletter subscribers have already heard, we’re sharing it here in case you haven’t. The Nelson Commons team submitted its formal Building Permit Application to the City of Nelson for the mixed-use development. All that remains before construction can begin in earnest is to meet sales targets for the Nelson Commons residential units. With the support of Coldwell Banker realty and a robust regional marketing program to get the word out, the Nelson Commons team anticipates that building construction will begin in spring.

Nelson Commons project manager Russell Precious and local project architect Steven Kaup deliver the signed and sealed documents issued by our architects and engineers for our Building Permit Application.




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