Nelson Commons energized.


Energy saved means fewer green house gasses and less dependence on fossil fuel. We are engaged in full energy modelling with our LEED-certified Mechanical Engineers (Rocky Point Engineering) who have a Nelson representative and resident—Mark Harold.This will help us determine the most appropriate energy solutions.

At this time, energy efficiency will include: good insulation with triple-glazed windows and interior sun screens; significant heat recovery from the Co-op’s refrigeration system that will heat the Co-op, pre-heat the Co-op’s hot water and heat the underground parkade; and a planned tie-in to the City of Nelson central hot water heating system that will be used to heat our residential hot water and “makeup air.”

Here’s an illustration of how a typical triple-glazed window performs and will contribute to the energy efficiency of Nelson Commons’ units.

Also, a building like ours has significant thermal mass that means it can sustain a level of warmth without huge fluctuations. Appliances will be high efficiency as will the lighting in common areas. Each individual unit will have its very own electrical and gas meters meaning you will only pay for the energy you consume—no hidden charges in your strata fees while your neighbours travel with their heat turned on and the windows open.

Here’s another illustration showing how a building’s thermal mass can sustain temperatures without significant fluctuations.

One more important environmental contribution will be our store’s low-impact refrigeration equipment that is ‘ozone friendly’ compared to previous systems, which used freon as a refrigerant. And, of course,  there are all the energy- saving implications of living in a place that allows for a pedestrian and cycling lifestyle. We’ll also offer designated parking for Nelson Car Share, ample bike racks and electric charging stations for electric bikes.

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