We’re on our way–Occupancy summer 2016


We are ecstatic to share the news that the first phases of construction for Nelson Commons are about to begin. As early as today, ITC Construction, our building partners, will be conducting a site visit and commencing the process of removing hazardous materials from the old Extra Foods building.


  • This week: ITC site visit and planning session
  • Next week: fencing going up and hazardous material removal begins (3-4 weeks)
  • This winter: building demolition (4-6 weeks)
  • This February: soil remediation and excavation
  • This spring: construction begins
  • Summer 2016: commercial and residential occupancy

Over the next few weeks, any passersby will notice fencing going up around the site. We are literally speechless with enthusiasm. This has been a big- dream, long-haul project and finally being able to announce this is making for a very, very happy day! Click the link to read the official announcement to media: Press Release-It’s official–Nelson Commons moves forward.

Mouse over the images below to see the captions and click on them to make them bigger. Happy future residents, Kootenay Co-op staff and Nelson Commons team members.




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